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Earn Cash with Visual Composer through Affiliate

If you want to earn extra cash with Visual Composer affiliate, this is a place just for you. Thanks to capabilities of Envato Market it is possible to use simple built-in affiliate program which allows anyone attract new customers and receive 30% percentage from their first deposit. In brief – if new user purchase Visual Composer ($34) you will receive an average of $8,10 commission from Envato Market. But if the user places deposit of $100 on Envato Market you will receive $34 commission.

How to Apply for Envato Affiliate?

Follow these simple 3 steps and start earning now:

1. First of all you will need Envato account which you can easily register here for free in less than 5 minutes.

2. Next build your unique link using link to Visual Composer and your Envato username as a reference in order to track your ad performance. Visual Composer link:

You will receive link similar to this one, generated by Envato Market link builder:

3. Place your newly acquired link on the Internet and start earning right away.

Take into account – according to data provided by Envato Market their payout rate each year exceeds $2,000,000 in total. So, take your piece of cake! Good luck.



  1. Vivek Vishwakarma ·

    Hello Team,

    I was installing an addon for visual composer to one of my relative’s site that I was modifying when it got failed for some reason. Now when I am trying to access wp-admin, I am getting this error message – “Fatal error: Call to undefined function vc_map_integrate_shortcode() in /home4/shakyas/public_html/wp-content/plugins/addons-for-visual-composer/includes/addons/testimonials-slider/class-lvca-testimonials-slider.php on line 210”.
    Please help me ASAP.

    1. Raitis ·

      Hello, I would suggest contacting addon author directly so he can investigate the case.

  2. Francisco Marin ·

    I bought a WordPress template from The Fox Including the Visual Composer.
    Can anyone explain how I can save individual elements of a page as a preset so that I can use them in another page.
    I can save the elements but when i try to used in a new page does not work.
    Thanks for your help.

    Francisco Marin, Switzerland

    1. Raitis ·

      Hi, you should add element – open it and change params you wish. Then on the right top side you will see settings icon where you can save preset or even make it default.

  3. Pe Grem ·

    Hallo – ich nutze das WP-Miami Theme mit mitgekauftem Visual Composer (payed version).
    Leider entsteht bei einigen Seiten ein DOPPELTER SCROLLBALKEN. Beim Seitenlayout habe ich immer darauf geachtet, dass die Spalten des Zeilenlayouts immer in Summe 1 ergibt (also z.B. Spalte 1= 1/6 – Spalte 2 = 4/6 Spalte 3 = 1/6 oder
    Spalte 1= 1/6 – Spalte 2 = 2/6 – Spalte 3 = 2/6 – Spalte 4 = 1/6)

    Bei einer Seite sind die zweiten Scrollbars erst entstanden, als ein längerer Text ergänzt wurde. Die Seitenstruktur hatte ich nicht mehr verändert.

    Kann mir jemand hierzu einen Tipp geben? Danke! P. Grem

  4. Jacek ·

    Maybe easy question. How to force order the posts in slider by Date. Or how to add custom order?

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