Templatera – Powerful Template Manager for WPBakery Page Builder

From the creators of WPBakery Page Builder comes well crafted native add-on for the most beloved page builder of WordPress. Templatera allows you to create, manage and set control access to your templates based on user roles or page post types.

Manage templates from one place and instantly see changes without digging into each individual piece of layout. Create a set of pre-defined content blocks (pieces) and use them at any place on your site. Forget about back-and-forth page updating – it is all taken care of. Magically! And yes, you can easily edit them whenever you wish!

When you install Templatera, the new content element “Templatera” will automatically appear in your WPBakery Page Builder element menu. The new “Templatera” content element allows you to place pre-built templates as independent blocks on your pages. When you modify your template, all pages that use the “Templatera” block will be populated with new content automatically. Awesome!

Ever wanted to take your designed templates to another site? Now you can. Import/export templates in a few clicks with build in import/export function of Templatera.

How to use Templatera?

Let’s say you created a block with contact details eg. Phone, Address, Email, and Contact Form, and used that block in multiple locations (pages) across your site, then you decided to change your Phone or Email address. All you have to do is edit your original template and all “Templatera” blocks will be updated at the very same moment! So your new contact details will be updated automatically across your site.

List of Features

  1. “Templatera” content element – create template “piece”, place it on multiple pages and when you will update that “piece” it will be updated across all pages where it was used! You will never go back after using this block
  2. New post type ‘vc_template’ which allows you to add/edit/delete your templates with native and familiar WordPress UI
  3. Automatic migration of existing WPBakery Page Builder templates – no extra setup required
  4. Templates access control by user roles
  5. Templates access controls by content types
  6. Import/Export templates in XML format – take your custom templates with you

What Are Users Saying?

“Just to say that this is a fantastic addition to an already excellent plugin. This add-on has allowed me to now edit and save an individual WPB content element (not the entire template which is different) that is repeated on many of my pages in one easy stroke, by simply creating a Templatera template. Before I had to edit the repeated WPB element multiple times for each page. This was just what I needed.” – John

“Great job, and now with the new update so much better. Thank you for this nice piece of plugin” – Pixavi

“Simply stunning features. A very well built framework.” – Mcollins

“Makes the visual editor infinitely more useful – really it’s one of those “why isn’t this built in?” plugins.” – Prositesau

“A heaven sent addition to the already great system. For me it was number one reason to buy the WPBakery Page Builder.” – JacobThePhotographer

“I missed this one when it was released, glad I had a look around your site!” – SelfPublishServices

“Just incredible, as I must repeat for many pages same content (footer, tab, …) so now no need to edit 20 pages, just one! THANKS YOU to make my life so easy! I dream, you did it!” – Kleio2010

“Amazing tool – works a treat and saves lots of time.” – Websitedude1985