Have questions about WPBakery Page Builder? Our FAQ will help you with initial and frequently asked questions. If you are already using WPBakery Page Builder on your WordPress site or incorporated it into a theme visit our comprehensive knowledge base for basic and advanced documentation or take a look at our video academy for useful WPBakery Page Builder tips and tricks.

What is WPBakery Page Builder and how it is related to Visual Composer?

Starting from October 2017 “Visual Composer Page Builder” plugin for WordPress has been renamed to “WPBakery Page Builder”. These changes will not affect any further updates of the plugin and customers who purchased the plugin when it was named “Visual Composer Page Builder” will be able to receive “WPBakery Page Builder” updates with no extra charge.

It is a new era for WordPress and page builders, it is also a new era for WPBakery. We want to offer you the best product on the market with excellent support and fresh UX. As a part of this transition process, we have decided to rename the page builder into WPBakery Page Builder and release a completely new product under the Visual Composer trademark name.

What after sale support do I get?

WPBakery Page Builder comes with extensive documentation and video tutorials to help you get started. In case you will have some questions do not hesitate to open a support ticket at our official WPBakery support.

Where can I get after sale support?

To get after sale support you should open a support ticket in our help center.

Can I create addon for WPBakery Page Builder and sell them?

Yes – you can do that. We have all the required tools for you to create your top-selling WPBakery Page Builder addons. You can find more information and example in our knowledge base API section. Good luck with sales, extra cash never hurts!

Can I add my own shortcodes to WPBakery Page Builder?

In short – Yes. You can use our inbuilt feature Shortcode Mapper for easy shortcode integration or use more advanced ways for developers. Please check the advanced documentation file (this is something that should be done by a developer).

I am developer. Where can I get information about advanced things?

It is so great to see you are interested! Everything that is related to the WPBakery Page Builder is placed under a dedicated category in our Knowledge Base.

Is there a way to test WPBakery Page Builder before I make a purchase?

Yes, you can try WPBakery Page Builder plugin on our demo server by creating your personalized sandbox.

Can I include WPBakery Page Builder in my theme?

Yes, you can! Please study theme integration at our knowledge base.

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