WPBakery SEO Built-in Toolkit

Applying search engine optimization (SEO) practices is crucial for driving website traffic and enhancing visibility. To simplify this process, WPBakery Page Builder introduces an SEO toolkit, empowering users to optimize their website’s SEO performance effectively. Create engaging social media snippets, gain actionable SEO insights, and monitor your website’s SEO health with ease, directly from the WPBakery Page Builder interface.

WPBakery Page Builder’s SEO features are available to all WPBakery users, from version 7.4 onwards. Moreover, users can leverage the combined power of WPBakery AI and the SEO toolkit, boosting their visibility and organic search performance to new heights.

Focus Keyword and Featured Snippet

Make sure your content attracts clicks and drives traffic to your website. Strategically target the right keywords, craft compelling SEO titles, and meta descriptions, generate relevant slugs, and preview your snippets across devices.

Social Media Sharing Previews

Ensure your content is optimized for sharing on social media. WPBakery’s SEO tool generates social media sharing previews, allowing you to customize how your content appears when shared on platforms like Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter), driving more traffic to your site.

SEO Insights

Get insights that guide you toward better search engine rankings. The built-in SEO analyzer provides valuable suggestions for improving your content’s keyword relevance, meta descriptions, and overall SEO optimization.

SEO Health Indicator

Stay informed about your website’s SEO health at a glance. The intuitive color-coded status indicator provides a visual representation of the overall SEO performance of your pages and posts, enabling you to identify areas for improvement and prioritize your SEO efforts effectively.

Create content that resonates with both users and search engines. Update to version 7.4 and up your SEO game like never before.