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WPBakery Page Builder Revolution: Template Library

It has been a long time since WPBakery Page Builder introduced Frontend editor to WordPress. A revolutionary approach that changed the way of how millions edit their WordPress websites today. A true ‘What You See Is What You Get’ experience.

Now is the right time for the next revolution. The Template Library that allows WordPress users access hundreds of high-quality layout templates. With professionally designed templates that are easy to edit, you will need seconds to build a page for your WordPress website.

No matter what type of page, post or custom post type you need. WPBakery Page Builder Composer Template Library will constantly update the list of templates. And just like any other feature, you will get it completely free with your WPBakery Page Builder license.

Access hundreds of templates via WPBakery Page Builder Template Library

Moreover, every template you download will have high-quality free stock images as placeholders. Our design team has crafted each and every piece of an individual template to ensure it is unique and easily modified to adapt to your unique needs.

With page builder, you don’t have to be a developer to create a page. With WPBakery Page Builder you don’t have to be designer either.

More amazing features included in new version:

  • Section element to combine several rows;
  • Update of icon libraries;
  • Extended list of CSS animations;
  • Options to save section and row as templates.


  1. Jeremy ·

    wow, this is brilliant, how exciting, thank you for working on this, downloading the update now to try it out.

    1. Michael M ·

      Thank you! We put a lot of effort into this versions.

  2. Stephen ·

    Awesome. Can’t wait to check out the templates.

    That said, v5.0 is not updating for me. It says updated successfully in the dashboard but then 5 minutes later it says another update is needed. And the supposedly update version doesn’t have these templates. Probably just a small kink to work out.

    1. Michael M ·

      Some users experience this if tmp folder isn’t writable. Please try updating plugin manually (from CodeCanyon) or open support ticket and we will do it for you.

    1. Michael M ·

      There are 50+ templates and we are working towards the demo page on Meanwhile they can be checked only inside of VC->Template Library section.

  3. Matthew ·

    Hi, whenever I download a new template from the library, it says: downloaded. But it doesn’t appear in “My templates”. Where can I find the downloaded templates? Thanks for your help.

    1. Michael M ·

      Please open a support ticket with our team and provide us with more details where we can see what you are referring too. We will be glad to look into it.

    1. Michael M ·

      Thank you! We put a lot of effort into this version and more to come!

    1. Michael M ·

      We are working on demo content. But for now it can be checked only inside of VC.

  4. Veronica ·

    I downloaded the new version. Every time I want to download a template it sends me an error message: unable to download template

    1. Michael M ·

      Hi Veronica, Please open a support ticket with our team and provide us with more details where we can see what you are referring too. We will be glad to look into it.

      1. Sarah ·

        I am also unable to download templates. Message is “failed to download.” Please provide a solution. Thanks.

  5. Jean-SĂ©bastien Dussault ·

    No templates for me neither. Offers to download, but it simply ends up in an endless “load icon”.

    1. Michael M ·

      Hi Jean, your license should be activated and internet connection is required. Please open a support ticket with our team and provide us with more details where we can see what you are referring too. We will be glad to look into it.

  6. Thomas ·

    Seit dem Update auf die Version 5.0 hbe ich keinen Zugriff auf die Template Library. Es sind keine Vorlagen vorhanden und der Dowloadbutton hat keine Funktion

  7. nodar ·

    Hi there

    thanks for adding this feature but this is really not enough or something big, why? there is only 16 templates and their quality is absolutely nothing, its not template but this is sections, please add more and better template, fully designed pages and not only the pieces of sections

    1. Michael M ·

      Please check our new template library that is available since WPBakery Page Builder 5.0. There are already more than 50 templates and they come with beautiful stock images and fully designed.

      1. Nuttachai ·

        Hi I just brought WPBakery Page Builder 8-October-2017
        And I found the same thing as @nodar found. They are just piece of section of page can’t really call template. By the way they have only 16 piece of section only not 50+ tempate as you said.
        WPBakery Page Builder 5.3

      2. Nuttachai ·

        And your piece of 16 sections when donwloaded. The image not showing up as you said.
        This really not useful. I can not see the overall look like. This template is useless. Please fix them.

  8. Mike ·

    Like some others, I can download the template, but after that it doesn’t do anything. It just says ‘downloaded’ under the template I selected in the library, but I can’t find a way to actually use the template. I see you have told others to open a support ticket… please forgive my ignorance, but how do I do that?

    1. Michael M ·

      After the download process click “Exit Templater Library” to see a list of downloaded templates. Then use “+” icon to add it to your page.

  9. Miguel Delgado ·


    It sounds really good to have well designed templates for VC. My copy of VC came bundled with the theme so I canÂŽt access or even see the templates, is there any place where I can see them? I am considering to upgrade my license if I found the templates useful.


  10. ECOMED ·

    Installation de l’extension à partir du fichier : codecanyon-242431-visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress (2).zip
    DĂ©compression de l’archive de l’extension

    Installation de l’extension

    L’archive n’a pas pu ĂȘtre installĂ©e. Aucune extension valide trouvĂ©e.

    L’installation de l’extension a Ă©chouĂ©.

    Retourner à l’installeur d’extensions

  11. ECOMED ·

    Installing the extension from file: codecanyon-242431-visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress (2) .zip
    Decompression of the extension archive …

    Installing the …

    The archive could not be installed. No valid extension found.

    Installation of the extension failed.

    Return to the extensions installer

    1. Frank Friessnegg ·

      Just open the zip.file. Within the folder you will find the zip file you need to upload and a documentation how it works

  12. C.Ray ·

    When to much length and trouble to install the updated 5.0.1 version. Finally installed the new version after removing the older version. It shows activated on the plugin page but the button for “Backend Editor” on the pages does not work. Also, when going into the plugin’s “Product License” section on the dashboard, when hitting the “Activate WPBakery Page Builder” nothing happens. What is going on????

  13. Patrick ·

    Just purchased but the Templates don’t load. The icons say “Status”. If I click the refresh button on the icon nothing happens, if I click the magnifying glass(?) on the icon it brings up the download button which when clicked does nothing either. Using Highend theme….

  14. Attila Tottosi ·

    Hello Michael,
    the purchase price includes to use the templates in more sites?

  15. Lauren ·

    This isn’t uploading to WordPress. All other plugins upload fine but this one says ‘failed’ or ‘Exceeds maximum size’. Can you please help? My site used to work fine and then stopped allowing me to edit the pages so I’ve now had to purchase this to get it working again and yet I can’t import it and it doesn’t have a licence key for me to enter into the WordPress page.

  16. Joojo ·

    Can I use VC on multiple website I develop or I have to buy separate licenses for each one of them?

  17. Ele ·

    with the new version doesn’t work well. I am doing my press page and after 3 photos (About page+features template), upload the photos standard but the button to write a text or put my photos doesn’t work at all. It’s there in green but with no possibility to edit. Can you please contact me? I need to finish my website this week.

  18. Jane ·

    Hi, I’ve installed WPBakery Page Builder to my wordpress site, I can access the template library and download but I can’t work out how to customise a page using a template, how do I do this?

  19. Ricardo ·

    Hi, I’ve installed WPBakery Page Builder to my wordpress site, I can access the template library but can’t download any template. He says always “Failed to download template”. What’s the problem?

  20. Steve ·

    I am having the same problem with “Failed to download template”. It seemed to be working fine a couple of days ago.

  21. DatĂ© TETEGAN ·

    Hi, It seems many of us has the same problem with the message “failed to download template”. Could you please provide us a quick solution ?
    I can’t open a ticket because the support website isn’t available at the moment .

  22. Jon ·

    I purchased the product, uploaded plugin, activated license but have no idea where to access the template library.

    Is there a URL I go to download template?

    Can you help?

  23. Luke Metal ·

    When I try to access the library all I’m getting is blank squares with the word status written under all of them. I took a screenshot.
    I’ve activated my license and have the most recent updates etc. Not sure what the problem is. My support has run out so I can’t contact you there.

  24. Mimi ·

    So if I purchase a flothemes template can I change the front page to add new sections etc? Or do I need to purchase a forest theme… you say any WordPress site but then refer to forest theme websites. thanks

  25. Mimi ·

    Also if I choose a slider for one page, can I choose if it appears static or as a slider on mobile?

  26. ScCrow ·

    Looking for a Theme Suggestion! A Basic one.

    I’m new to WordPress, so please excuse my ignorance. I did buy WPBakery Page Builder. I cannot find a theme that works for me. Yet! I got so frustrated with this that I installed DotNetNuke yesterday. I calmed down a little and am giving this another try.

    I am looking for a free Theme that doesn’t do all this (*&(*& stuff. Basically a container that I can apply a full background image to, then let me go put in rows and columns to put the widgets in. As it is, I spend most of my time trying to hide or work around theme items that just get in the way and take up space! I suppose I can go look into building my own theme, but it seems like there should already be one out there that does it. Not to mention that I don’t know what I’m doing yet.

  27. Ty ·

    There needs to be a better way to view these templates before downloading them. I don’t understand why you can’t just make these viewable on your main site (it’s a selling feature! why hide them?). When you view them within the frame, they look like crap. I’m considering buying another license, but I need to be able to see what the design will look like, not a bunch of squished images. At this time, I’ll probably just go buy a full featured template.

  28. Bluezstaar ·

    Hi, I am a Visual composer user for over a year now.
    I purchased and activated the plugin to version 5.1. However, the Template library is empty!! It just shows empty boxes with “Status” under them? When I click on the download button nothing happens :(( . I tried to deactivate / delete plugin and re-install and re-activate but the problem remains! can you please help ?ï»ż

    1. RIchard ·

      Did you ever figure out what was happening with your installation? I have the same problem and can’t get any support even though I have never used their support. By any chance are you hosting with FatCow?

  29. Anon ·

    when I click on the :template library” button within visual composer on wordpress it does nothing so I cannot access any of these templates 🙁

  30. Paul ·

    I get the same “Failed to download template” any news or updates in fixing this?

  31. William Newsom ·

    cannot seem to download templates , i can see many people with this issue yet unresponsive author

  32. Charles de Sena ·

    Can I buy more templates outside the standards?

  33. thajudeen ·

    how to change number rows in different devices
    for eg. i need to show 4 pic in desktop and 2 pic in mobile

  34. Joanna ·

    How do I replace the stock images with my own?

  35. Matthew Brown ·

    im sure I had this originally with my integrated theme…in fact, I just went to another website with this actually working within an integrated theme.

    …, we have to go and buy a licence just to use the themes. mmmm, not sure it’s worth it. Still can’t work out why it works for one site and not the other. Both themes are updated to the same level as is VC ???

  36. RIchard ·

    Even though I have never used your support system my support has run out, I guess. I really think you need to revamp your support. I am NOT buying another subscription to it but your plugin appears to be screwed up for some of us and I don’t see you replying to anyone that has the template problem after they have bought and activated your license.

    I don’t need support for my screw up because I haven’t done anything except activate your plugin and activate my license, nothing else has been done by me, it’s on your end somewhere and it needs to be fixed.

    I see several people with the same exact problem. Plugin activated, license activated but the template library only displays “status” and won’t do anything. I can get templates to work if I activate the license on my localhost but not on FatCow hosting. I think you should look into it as it is very frustrating to be stuck and not get any support.

    BTW I think your support policy with a limited time to get support sucks. Maybe it should be changed to per incident instead of a set time limit. I never needed support until now but now I can’t get it even though this problem didn’t raise its ugly head until recently.

    1. RIchard ·

      Nevermind. I still think your support system is flawed BUT it was on my server. The server was using PHP 5.5 and I changed it to PHP7.1 and it works. Wish I would have access to support so I didn’t have to go for weeks wondering what the problem was until I could take a couple of hours and troubleshoot.

  37. Ayu Rozenda ·

    Help, when i choose a template, nothing happen to my page.. i am using cache plugin btw, this problem happen because of my plugin or something else?

  38. km ·

    Is there somewhere I can see all templates without having to click on each thumbnail to view them?

  39. Lilia ·

    Hello, all
    I bought recently visual composer plugin and from a few days, I could not download any template from the library. How is this possible?

  40. Marek ·

    are there some demos of the templates? In 2016 you said there will come some of them. But i couldn’t find them 🙁
    Best regards

  41. Abi Bakar ·

    Is this a WordPress plugin? If that’s it then where is the link to the download page on WordPress plugin repository?

  42. Ivan DC ·

    ComprĂ© BRIDGE en incluido wpbakery y ahora que realizaron la actualizaciĂłn no me funciona el wpbakery 🙁 que puedo hacer?

  43. Mahan ·

    Can I increase or decrease the width of a wordpress theme using WPbakery? I want to increase the width of the whole site while retaining its responsiveness.

  44. Joy ·

    I am trying to added read more on the action box text but it is not working. Anybody can help me regarding this issue. Action box and text box in home page.

  45. Lorraine Castle ·

    Very nice, but it would be awesome if I could preview how templates look without having to download them first. The thumbnails are cropped. Could a full catalog of each Template preview be added to the support site?

  46. Andiy ·

    Its great, isn’t there any link to preview all templates ?

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