How to Create A Perfect Post Grid

You are using WordPress page builder to create beautiful pages and posts for your website, but when it comes to post archive you are struggling. There is no content area defined where you could apply all the power of page builder and theme options have less customization than you expected.

Make Your Own Website Easy

Making your own website is a common case with so much platforms and tools available on the market. While top digital agencies offer costly custom solutions there are cases when you simply don’t need one. Or maybe your startup is in early stage and every dollar counts. At this point it is obvious you will start looking into ready to use solutions and free platforms like WordPress to help you make your own website easy.

Advanced User Role Management in WPBakery Page Builder

Recently we published article on our blog about WordPress User Role Management explaining all the basic user roles and their main purpose. The follow up question is what WPBakery Page Builder can offer for different user groups and how features available in our page builder plugin gets managed across them. WPBakery Page Builder has inbuilt user group access management mechanism allowing to restrict usage of WPBakery Page Builder for specific user groups, including custom user roles, and post types. There was also an easy way to control WPBakery Page Builder element availability for different user roles.

WordPress User Roles Explained

If your business requires multiple persons to manage your site or if you are running blog with several authors and editors you must pay attention on how you manage user role access. Users should have access only to those parts of your WordPress site which are related to them directly. Why? Because you do not want end up with unprepared staff member managing your pages or guest author publishing posts before they are approved by in-house editor.

5 Tips on How to Build a Better Product Page

If you are having e-commerce shop or sales page you must already know how important it is to display products in a customer friendly manner. Here we talk about quality of information, layout and use cases – everything matters. In fact it has a huge impact either potential customers will actually purchase your products.

The Key to Fast Web Design with Reusable Content

Either you are a novice WordPress user building your first site ever or a pro web designer with multiple projects you want your site to get up and running in the shortest possible time. Different tools and plugins like page builder, slideshow manager and so on can assist you there. Nevertheless, one of the most important parts you should pay attention to is if they care about reusability. With a great toolset you can easily build some part of your content from scratch and even manage it over time, but how about having reusable content to replicate it again and again on different pages or sections of your sites?

Building Successful WordPress Portfolio That Sells

Showing off your portfolio on the web is common practice and actually a must if you are looking for a way to attract more customers for your products or services. Whoever you are – photographer, freelance web developer, artist, singer or plumber your customers will surely find your site more interesting if they will be able to see your previous works.

Making your life better with ready to use templates

WPBakery Page Builder is an amazing time saver and easy to use tool to build your WordPress pages. But we think that saving time is not just enough for you and your clients. While some people had opportunity to craft their creative and design skills, others focused on business, engineering, etc., but this does not mean that they do not want a super cool layouts, even they are not able to figure them out.

Expanding WPBakery Page Builder with your set of WordPress shortcodes

While using WordPress shortcodes for website building and management many users struggled to combine different plugins and shortcodes in order to enhance possibilities of their website. Different shortcodes required different input tools or mechanisms and in typical site building process users were required to switch between different interfaces to achieve their goals. The same issues were addressed to WPBakery Page Builder, as 3rd party shortcode developers needed to adapt their shortcodes to get recognized by WPBakery Page Builder. Obviously such approach was not user friendly as not all developers adjusted their shortcodes.

How to quickly build WordPress page with WPBakery Page Builder

Ever wondered how to quickly build WordPress page which is professional and good looking in few minutes? Of course yes! You do not want to spent tons of time and bunch of money for at least few month project which can not guarantee any results, instead you want to build WordPress page fast and modify it as and when you wish quickly in order adapt it to the latest design trends and your user behaviours.

We have created a small video tutorial which will guide your through the simple example on how to create page for your website in less than 10 minutes with WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress.