WPBakery Page Builder Revolution: Template Library

It has been a long time since WPBakery Page Builder introduced Frontend editor to WordPress. A revolutionary approach that changed the way of how millions edit their WordPress websites today. A true ‘What You See Is What You Get’ experience.

Now is the right time for the next revolution. The Template Library that allows WordPress users access high-quality layout templates. With professionally designed templates that are easy to edit, you will need seconds to build a page for your WordPress website.

No matter what type of page, post or custom post type you need. WPBakery Page Builder Composer Template Library will constantly update the list of templates. And just like any other feature, you will get it completely free with your WPBakery Page Builder license.

Access hundreds of templates via WPBakery Page Builder Template Library

Moreover, every template you download will have high-quality free stock images as placeholders. Our design team has crafted each and every piece of an individual template to ensure it is unique and easily modified to adapt to your unique needs.

With page builder, you don’t have to be a developer to create a page. With WPBakery Page Builder you don’t have to be designer either.

More amazing features included in new version:

  • Section element to combine several rows;
  • Update of icon libraries;
  • Extended list of CSS animations;
  • Options to save section and row as templates.

WPBakery Page Builder Layer Images + Giveaways

WPBakery Page Builder page builder for WordPress is the only plugin that offers such a wide range of different addons, counting 200+ unique items. With new addons joining WPBakery Page Builder family each week we are able to offer unique page building experience where you can create any layout, fast & easy.

WPBakery Page Builder Faster Than Ever

With such a huge amount of features and options allowing you to create anything you have ever imagined, WPBakery Page Builder has constantly being improved in terms of performance. Yet we felt that it is time to take a big step towards performance improvements to offer users unique experience. WPBakery Page Builder 4.9 has been focused on significant performance improvements resulting in fastest WPBakery Page Builder ever.

Better Support Portal: Licenses and Scenarios

Offering top quality support has always been one of the most important rules at WPBakery and WPBakery Page Builder. We believe that support is not only about opening support ticket, in fact this should be the last instance you refer to in case of failing to find necessary information. During years of development we managed to create a comprehensive Knowledge Base with ‘FAQ’ to help our customers handle their issues instantly. However we felt that support portal and knowledge base are apart from one another and experience collected in knowledge base is not used properly. Another concern was related to the lack of license management process which allowed customers easily manipulate with their licenses on their own. But things are about to change …

Enhanced User Groups with WPBakery Page Builder 4.8

WPBakery Page Builder 4.8 release is focused on easing user life by offering mechanisms to reduce number of controls and options for user groups through role management which are focused on specific tasks. Lighter interface can significantly fasten up learning process for business people and ensure they are able to perform their content management or creation tasks without any additional disturbances.

New WPBakery Page Builder Update – Performance and Interface Release 4.7

WPBakery Page Builder release 4.7 is here to boost your content management process through huge improvements in performance, new features and user experience (UX). During this summer release WPBakery team were focused on providing release that will take page building process to the next level by offering new tools and mechanisms for even faster content management. In addition we have done a lot of job in order to improve existing functionality in terms of both – standardization and performance which has been on our horizon for a while.

Boost Your Summer With New WPBakery Page Builder 4.6

The first release of WPBakery Page Builder during summer season comes up with the new features and options that will help you come up with award winning layout designs that sell in minutes. WPBakery Page Builder 4.6 offers well crafted, feature rich content elements and site block styling options according to latest trends and practices. Completely new elements available out of the box along with improved well known content blocks once again bring tremendous capabilities for any type of WordPress users.

Long time no see – we are back with WPBakery Page Builder 4.4

It’s been one of our longest and most hardest releases yet as we set goals that should have been reached a long before. As always we decided to include minor, medium and some really big tasks in our release, but one of the tasks were completely different from others – rebuilding of grid element. In this post I will describe all major and medium importance improvements that took place in this amazing release we are really proud of.