WPBakery 7.0: Redefining User Experience with a Major Branding Update

After an incredible 12-year run, WPBakery is shaking things up and giving our builder and brand a fresh new look.

We’ve been working our tails off over the past year to make your experience with WPBakery even better, easier, and faster.

The first step in that process was introducing multiple license plans for the first time in WPBakery history, so now you can get more licenses for less money which is perfect for agencies. And, of course, all licenses are issued under the lifetime plans.

And that’s not all, we’re giving WPBakery a facelift. It’s more modern, developer-friendly, and all-around better to work with. We want to take your website-building game to the next level and make sure you have a blast while doing it.

Join the party with over 5 million websites already using WPBakery page builder. Get ready for a fresh look, killer features, and a smooth and user-friendly interface that you won’t be able to resist.

Blank Page Wizard

While the theme you use is an essential part of the whole website design, sometimes you need a fully custom layout for a landing page. To ensure the opportunity for you to do so, we’ve introduced the option to start with a clean slate and choose a completely blank page to work with. With no default theme header, footer, or sidebar, just WPBakery and your imagination.

WPBakery Page Builder 7.0 Blank Page Wizard

You’ll see the Blank Page Wizard any time you create a new page with WPBakery. There you’ll just have to choose either “Blank Page” for a completely empty canvas or “Theme Layout” for a page with your theme styling.

WPBakery page builder is a marketing specialist’s dream for creating impactful landing pages. WPBakery simplifies the process of designing engaging and high-converting pages with the number of elements and features that it has. Unlock the power of WPBakery for your marketing campaigns with version 7.0.

Custom JavaScript

Even though WPBakery page builder is a no-code solution we don’t ever want to limit anyone to add extra functionality with custom code and we want to make that easy to do.

So far it was possible to add custom CSS to the whole site or to an individual page, but now with this update, you can also take advantage of your JavaScript skills.

WPBakery Page Builder 7.0 Custom JavaScript in Page Settings

To add custom JavaScript to the whole site:

  • Go to your WordPress admin panel
  • Hover over WPBakery on the left side menu
  • Click on “Custom JS”
  • Add your custom code

To add custom JavaScript to a specific page:

  • Open any page with WPBakery or create a new page
  • Click on the Page Settings at the top right (gear icon)
  • And scroll down to the custom JavaScript fields

With this update, you can effortlessly add your own custom JavaScript to expand your website’s capabilities and deliver personalized projects for your clients.

UI Improvements

Along with the new features, we also freshened up the editor with new colors, icons, and an updated logo.

Our logo has been a baker’s hat for all WPBakers, but now we’ve added a little cursor to it so no one would confuse us with an actual bakery. The new logo represents our commitment to improving the editor and introducing new functionality. By the way, there is a real bakery with the same name.

WPBakery Page Builder Old Logo Versus New Logo

When you open the editor of WPBakery 7.0, you’ll be met with rich colors and updated icons – you won’t be surprised by a completely new look that you won’t recognize, it’s the same editor just a little brighter.

The new icons are also optimized for better UX and they’re more responsive so they’re more accessible for every device.

WPBakery Page Builder Old Versus New User Interface

It’s about time we made some changes around here so this is a new look for the new era of WPBakery.

What’s next?

Version 7.0 is the turning point for WPBakery development so let this fresh look be a promise from us that we’re always working towards making WPBakery the best builder for your needs and we definitely won’t stop here.

While this update was amazing, this is only phase 1 in our efforts to deliver more tools for your website-building needs, so make sure to stay tuned! You can subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know about any new releases, discounts, and everything else WPBakery related.

Irma Edite Girupniece
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