Bye bye 2015. Hello 2016.

Today was last working day of 2015 and I was the last person leaving WPBakery office. When I turned the lights off, I had a wide smile on my face…

This past year was amazing for WordPress and WPBakery. We were working around the clock and doing what we truly love. And more importantly, we help people and their businesses to do what they love, instead of fighting with site’s content (hooray to drag and drop editing). I’m incredibly proud of my team and our achievements. Wide smile because all our team of excellent engineers share same vision and pursue one big goal – revolutionize how you manage your WordPress site. Team that is capable of anything. I’m very confident about the upcoming year and can’t wait to get back to work and turn on that light again.

Thank you guys – you rock!

Michael M.

Getting Your WordPress Site Ready for Christmas

Christmas is a perfect time when you can grow your sales and improve overall brand satisfaction. One of the obvious ways is by getting your WordPress site ready for Christmas so people can enjoy the Christmas mood and maybe receive some special offers you have in your pocket.

How to choose colors for a website?

Whenever you decide to create a website there are many tough things to consider and color choice is surely one of them. Color is an essential part of user experience and can lead to both – success or failure. So how do you choose colors for a website and what does it say about your business, products and services. With tons of research done and books written on color palettes there are essential rules that we must know and take into account.

WPBakery Page Builder for PrestaShop

WPBakery Page Builder has always been your buddy when it comes to WordPress content management. During the years it has grown bigger and more powerful with a lot of new top quality features and tools available out of the box to ease your life. Nevertheless you not always choose WordPress as your website platform and it restricts you using WPBakery Page Builder as well. But this may soon change …

What’s new in WPBakery Page Builder?

Almost together with the new version of WordPress, WPBakery launches major update for WPBakery Page Builder page builder which includes new top quality features you have been waiting for and which will change the way you are using WordPress for personal or business purposes. This release we are starting a period in which we will focus on UI/UX in terms of our own interface and also content elements you are using on your WordPress sites. As always you will find completely new features and also enhanced old ones which you already know and love.

How to Act on Google Mobile Buzz?

During last few days global community has been buzzing around Google paying more attention to mobile content. The resources like Smashing Magazine, Mashable, Fast Company and so on has broadly covered this topic to shed some light. Taking into account our specific WPBakery performed detailed investigation on how Google decision will impact WPBakeryWPBakery Page Builder powered WordPress sites in order to be able adapt to ever changing environment.

WPBakery Page Builder Full of Stars

One of the ways on how to rate products is customer satisfaction ranking. Envato Market does offer such solution allowing everyone who purchased products via their marketplace rate them. In addition customers are able to provide their reasonable comments in order to explain their given rate and decision.

Taking WPBakery Page Builder demo to the next level

Whenever purchasing digital product we want to have a test just like we do with cars, apparel and so on. When purchasing a car you have skills and drivers license to use it, but with digital products it is a bit different story. Even if they are easy to use you want to have some tips or examples on what can be achieved with this piece of software as “Take and Use” does not apply to this case. This is why we, here at WPBakery, came up with brand new WPBakery Page Builder demo that has completely different approach.

What WordPress Can Offer to E-Commerce?

If you are a small or medium business to go online there are plenty of ways to do so. There are custom solutions which average business may find a bit expensive to implement at the very beginning even it does offer amazing flexibility options. On the other hand there are plenty of so called “Out of the Box” solutions which differ in terms of features, flexibility and of course e-commerce business model as such.

Release of WPBakery Page Builder 4.3

After almost 2 month of hard development the team at WPBakery has managed to roll out another game changer in the world of WordPress. The new release of WPBakery Page Builder Page Builder plugin for WordPress saw the light on 29’th of July, 2014 with tons of new features and capabilities which will surely takes you to the brand level of web development. I will briefly describe most interesting parts of WPBakery Page Builder 4.3 release which you can try by yourselves already.