The Potential of AI for WordPress Websites

Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short, is a powerful tool that’s changing many industries worldwide. More recently, AI has made its way into the field of web development, transforming the way websites are created and managed. Within the WordPress realm, several AI integrations have emerged offering help with various tasks. These include writing content, generating […]

Bye bye 2015. Hello 2016.

Today was last working day of 2015 and I was the last person leaving WPBakery office. When I turned the lights off, I had a wide smile on my face… This past year was amazing for WordPress and WPBakery. We were working around the clock and doing what we truly love. And more importantly, we [...]

Getting Your WordPress Site Ready for Christmas

Christmas is a perfect time when you can grow your sales and improve overall brand satisfaction. One of the obvious ways is by getting your WordPress site ready for Christmas so people can enjoy the Christmas mood and maybe receive some special offers you have in your pocket.

How to choose colors for a website?

Whenever you decide to create a website there are many tough things to consider and color choice is surely one of them. Color is an essential part of user experience and can lead to both – success and failure. So how do you choose colors for a website and what does it say about your […]

What’s new in WPBakery Page Builder?

Almost together with the new version of WordPress, WPBakery launches a major update for WPBakery Page Builder which includes new top-quality features you have been waiting for and which will change the way you are using WordPress for personal or business purposes. In this release, we are starting a period in which we will focus […]