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What’s new in WPBakery Page Builder?

Almost together with the new version of WordPress, WPBakery launches major update for WPBakery Page Builder page builder which includes new top quality features you have been waiting for and which will change the way you are using WordPress for personal or business purposes. This release we are starting a period in which we will focus on UI/UX in terms of our own interface and also content elements you are using on your WordPress sites. As always you will find completely new features and also enhanced old ones which you already know and love.

Parallax Background

With tons of parallax options available within WordPress themes and different addons for WPBakery Page Builder it was a must to add parallax functionality into the core of the plugin. WPBakery Page Builder offers easy to add well crafted parallax background with or without fade effect for rows in order to improve any WPBakery Page Builder powered WordPress site.

While most of parallax plugins offers tons of advanced settings to fine tune parallax we decided to take completely different approach. WPBakery Page Builder will align everything for you – all you have to do is just choose parallax style and set image you want to use.

Moreover, the good news is that we do accept transparent PNG images which allows combining Parallax background with Design Options background to create even more advanced effects.

Buttons and Call to Action

One of the most important parts of this release was rebuilt of Buttons and Call to Action blocks in order to have well structured and designed elements that have even smallest details polished to be perfect in terms of both – UI and code. Smooth transitions and beautiful hover states allows building top notch designs for your WordPress site and make your customers really want to click those buttons.

And of course, in order to keep everyone happy there are still old Button and Call to Action elements available within WPBakery Page Builder to ensure backward compatibility even it is really easy to replicate same design styles of old elements by using new ones.

Row IDs for Better Linking

In the time when everyone is using Landing Pages or One-Page layouts based on WordPress it is necessary to have a mechanism for quick linking to specific blocks of your layout. In the last few month we have received a lot of requests asking to add ID option for rows. This option allows using anchors to quickly point users to specific section of your WordPress site or even use more advanced JS which requires usage of IDs.

Guide Tours

With more and more options added and more new users gettings into WPBakery Page Builder we have decided to introduce WordPress native guide tours in order to help our new customers start building their very first WPBakery Page Builder powered site right away. We do not want you spending time on guessing where you should click – the quick guide-through tours will handle that for you, just like it did with Grid Builder if you remember.

For those users who do not want to see any guides we offer simple way to switch it off so it won’t bother you any more.

But that’s not all – starting from WPBakery Page Builder 4.5 we have introduced after-install screen which will quickly guide you through all the new features of release.

Add to Cart in Grid

Having in mind that WPBakery Page Builder is compatible with Woo Commerce and you love displaying Woo Commerce products by using WPBakery Page Builder Grid Elements we decided introduce additional link action for grid elements called “Add to Cart”. Starting from now you can easily add buttons or icons to your grid elements which will instantly add Woo Commerce products to the shopping cart and there is no doubt that it will increase your sales.


As always we would like to thank our customers, developers and partners who are constantly helping us making WPBakery Page Builder best page builder plugin on the market with their feature requests. Of course there is a lot of other features and enhancements available in latest WPBakery Page Builder which you will surely love to try it out by yourself.