What Would You Do Instead of Coding

WPBakery Page Builder team is focused on building ultimate tools for people who either don’t know how or don’t want to code. Page builder has proven to be fantastic time saver letting you do many other amazing things instead of coding. Doing something you love for yourself, business, family or community.

But when it comes to WPBakery there are a lot of coding going on every day so you don’t have to do it. At the same time people behind WPBakery Page Builder have their interests besides building WPBakery Page Builder. So we asked few of our team members around office to share 3 things what would they do instead of coding in their spare time. And maybe you will find some common interests with us besides WordPress as well.

How to Create A Perfect Post Grid

You are using WordPress page builder to create beautiful pages and posts for your website, but when it comes to post archive you are struggling. There is no content area defined where you could apply all the power of page builder and theme options have less customization than you expected.

Bye bye 2015. Hello 2016.

Today was last working day of 2015 and I was the last person leaving WPBakery office. When I turned the lights off, I had a wide smile on my face…

This past year was amazing for WordPress and WPBakery. We were working around the clock and doing what we truly love. And more importantly, we help people and their businesses to do what they love, instead of fighting with site’s content (hooray to drag and drop editing). I’m incredibly proud of my team and our achievements. Wide smile because all our team of excellent engineers share same vision and pursue one big goal – revolutionize how you manage your WordPress site. Team that is capable of anything. I’m very confident about the upcoming year and can’t wait to get back to work and turn on that light again.

Thank you guys – you rock!

Michael M.

Getting Your WordPress Site Ready for Christmas

Christmas is a perfect time when you can grow your sales and improve overall brand satisfaction. One of the obvious ways is by getting your WordPress site ready for Christmas so people can enjoy the Christmas mood and maybe receive some special offers you have in your pocket.

WPBakery Page Builder Faster Than Ever

With such a huge amount of features and options allowing you to create anything you have ever imagined, WPBakery Page Builder has constantly being improved in terms of performance. Yet we felt that it is time to take a big step towards performance improvements to offer users unique experience. WPBakery Page Builder 4.9 has been focused on significant performance improvements resulting in fastest WPBakery Page Builder ever.

Enhanced User Groups with WPBakery Page Builder 4.8

WPBakery Page Builder 4.8 release is focused on easing user life by offering mechanisms to reduce number of controls and options for user groups through role management which are focused on specific tasks. Lighter interface can significantly fasten up learning process for business people and ensure they are able to perform their content management or creation tasks without any additional disturbances.

WordPress User Roles Explained

If your business requires multiple persons to manage your site or if you are running blog with several authors and editors you must pay attention on how you manage user role access. Users should have access only to those parts of your WordPress site which are related to them directly. Why? Because you do not want end up with unprepared staff member managing your pages or guest author publishing posts before they are approved by in-house editor.

The Key to Fast Web Design with Reusable Content

Either you are a novice WordPress user building your first site ever or a pro web designer with multiple projects you want your site to get up and running in the shortest possible time. Different tools and plugins like page builder, slideshow manager and so on can assist you there. Nevertheless, one of the most important parts you should pay attention to is if they care about reusability. With a great toolset you can easily build some part of your content from scratch and even manage it over time, but how about having reusable content to replicate it again and again on different pages or sections of your sites?

Boost Your Summer With New WPBakery Page Builder 4.6

The first release of WPBakery Page Builder during summer season comes up with the new features and options that will help you come up with award winning layout designs that sell in minutes. WPBakery Page Builder 4.6 offers well crafted, feature rich content elements and site block styling options according to latest trends and practices. Completely new elements available out of the box along with improved well known content blocks once again bring tremendous capabilities for any type of WordPress users.

What’s new in WPBakery Page Builder?

Almost together with the new version of WordPress, WPBakery launches major update for WPBakery Page Builder page builder which includes new top quality features you have been waiting for and which will change the way you are using WordPress for personal or business purposes. This release we are starting a period in which we will focus on UI/UX in terms of our own interface and also content elements you are using on your WordPress sites. As always you will find completely new features and also enhanced old ones which you already know and love.