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Enhanced User Groups with WPBakery Page Builder 4.8

WPBakery Page Builder 4.8 release is focused on easing user life by offering mechanisms to reduce number of controls and options for user groups through role management which are focused on specific tasks. Lighter interface can significantly fasten up learning process for business people and ensure they are able to perform their content management or creation tasks without any additional disturbances.

User Groups Roles Access

Latest WPBakery Page Builder update allows site administrators have more control mechanisms in order to adjust options and tools available for different user groups. Now you can easily disable such options like Grid Builder or Shortcode Mapper for certain user groups which do not require this features. Moreover, it is possible to reduce options available to user groups related to specific content elements and even templates. For example you can restrict user groups to save and delete templates, but allow adding existing templates.

Template Preview

Having a huge list of templates can be confusing and sometimes you just can not remember how exact template looks like without adding it. With WPBakery Page Builder update it is now possible to see Backend editor style preview of all templates including Grid Builder templates. No more guessing and spending time on removing templates which were added to page by mistake. Expand each template and see what you will add to your page, post or custom post types.

Element Presets API

In WPBakery Page Builder 4.7 we introduced a long awaited feature – Element Presets Controls allowing easily create element presets and even set them as default. Starting from WPBakery Page Builder 4.8 we are introducing API mechanism described at on how to interact with Element Presets. This will allow you to create your presets and load them as default right after installing WPBakery Page Builder which is a surely handy option for theme developers.

Other WPBakery Page Builder Improvements

As usual WPBakery Page Builder update contains different minor improvements to expand capabilities of our plugin and improve usability. In WPBakery Page Builder 4.8 we have made improvements in Welcome Screen design, introduced “icon” option for separators, added new separator style, optimized single image element and much more.

Thank You,
Michael M
CEO at WPBakery