Better Support Portal: Licenses and Scenarios

Offering top-quality support has always been one of the most important rules at WPBakery and WPBakery Page Builder. We believe that support is not only about opening a support ticket, in fact, this should be the last instance you refer to in case of failing to find necessary information. During years of development, we managed to create a comprehensive Knowledge Base with ‘FAQ’ to help our customers handle their issues instantly. However, we felt that the support portal and knowledge base are apart from one another and experience collected in the knowledge base is not used properly. Another concern was related to the lack of a license management process that allowed customers easily manipulate their licenses on their own. But things are about to change …

We are launching a new Support Portal which offers a brand new experience for our customers, developers, and everyone else related to WPBakery Page Builder and WPBakery.

Support Scenarios

There are cases when the answer to your question is just right around the corner – all you had to do is search a little bit. However, it is fully understood that you do not want to look for a solution – it has to come to you instead. We believe that most of the questions can be solved automatically without opening a support ticket.

WPBakery Page Builder Support Portal Design

WPBakery Page Builder Support Portal Design

Taking this into account we are presenting a scenario mechanism based on the knowledge base, support team experience, and data analysis. The new mechanism will help you track the cause of your issue with just a few clicks and solve it in no time. You will also have the option to participate and improve the scenario mechanism by leaving your feedback which is much appreciated and helps us offer a better experience in the future.

One of the most wonderful things is that there are no restrictions on accessing scenarios. We do care about each and every WPBakery Page Builder user out there. If you got WPBakery Page Builder within a theme you can still use scenarios to find possible solutions for your problems and we are sure – it will help you a lot.

License Management

New Support Portal offers users an easy way to manage their licenses. Now you can easily access your licenses and domain links with activated licenses. You can deactivate the license on a specific domain in case WPBakery Page Builder is not presented there anymore. This means you do not have to wait for a support agent to handle your support request for the deactivation of your license – you can do everything by yourself in a few seconds. All you have to do is check your licenses, find the one you wish to deactivate, and approve it.

WPBakery Page Builder license deactivation in Support Portal

WPBakery Page Builder license deactivation in Support Portal

Moreover, with the new Support Portal in place, you can easily track your support period and ensure it stays up to date – you never know when you may require some help from our friendly and professional support team.

Future of Support Portal

This is just the first phase of Support Portal development as there are more tasks scheduled already. What to expect? We are looking into completely merging Support Portal and our Knowledge Base for an even better customer experience. There are also a few other handy features for developers in mind. All this will surely push Support Portal towards our goal – becoming a one-stop resource for every WPBakery Page Builder user.

Raitis Sevelis is a seasoned product manager at WPBakery who loves design and community