WPBakery Page Builder Revolution: Template Library

It has been a long time since WPBakery Page Builder introduced Frontend editor to WordPress. A revolutionary approach that changed the way of how millions edit their WordPress websites today. A true ‘What You See Is What You Get’ experience.

Now is the right time for the next revolution. The Template Library that allows WordPress users access high-quality layout templates. With professionally designed templates that are easy to edit, you will need seconds to build a page for your WordPress website.

No matter what type of page, post or custom post type you need. WPBakery Page Builder Composer Template Library will constantly update the list of templates. And just like any other feature, you will get it completely free with your WPBakery Page Builder license.

Access hundreds of templates via WPBakery Page Builder Template Library

Moreover, every template you download will have high-quality free stock images as placeholders. Our design team has crafted each and every piece of an individual template to ensure it is unique and easily modified to adapt to your unique needs.

With page builder, you don’t have to be a developer to create a page. With WPBakery Page Builder you don’t have to be designer either.

More amazing features included in new version:

  • Section element to combine several rows;
  • Update of icon libraries;
  • Extended list of CSS animations;
  • Options to save section and row as templates.

WPBakery Page Builder 4.12: Default Templates and SEO

Welcome to WPBakery Page Builder 4.12 – the next version of your beloved page builder, focused on providing options and tools for even faster initial content management and collaboration. We know that working from scratch can be time-consuming and this is why WPBakery Page Builder has template management mechanism in place to ease your work. But, it is about time to take the next step to speed things up, right?Default Templates for Posts

Default Templates for Posts

WPBakery Page Builder 4.12 update allows you to set up specific templates to be used as default content for your post types. Every time you will create a new page, post or custom post type you will have layout already defined – just change the information and you are good to go.

WPBakery Page Builder default templates for pages, posts and custom post types

Running blog with external authors or afraid of non-IT people to ruin your layout? Combine default template option with Role Manager and take your content management to completely different level.Disable Row

Disable Row

Hide parts of your content from public with a single click. WPBakery Page Builder 4.12 offers ‘Disable Row’ feature which allows instantly hide row, and all the content within, from your website visitors.

The best part is that you will still be able to see it within Frontend and Backend editors. Use ‘Disable Row’ feature for managing your campaigns, A/B testing or simply leaving comments to other content managers within your organization.Nofollow and Actions

Nofollow and Actions

Add nofollow attribute to your links by using WPBakery Page Builder link selection. It takes just a click to add nofollow attribute. And for those who are passionate about SEO, WPBakery Page Builder 4.12 offers onclick action management for buttons so you can add GA tracking codes for even better SEO analysis.

WPBakery Page Builder Link selection with nofollow attribute

Polylang and qTranslate X

WPBakery Page Builder is verified to be compatible not only with WPML and early versions of qTranslate, but also latest qTranslate X and also broadly used Polylang plugins. For existing WPBakery Page Builder users this offers more flexibility in choosing multi-language plugins.

More Enhancements

As usual, there are more things to explore in new WPBakery Page Builder. Plenty of improvements and enhancements our team has addressed to make your life easier.

WPBakery Page Builder Update With New Elements and Options

WPBakery Page Builder update 4.10 has been released and there are features and options you have been waiting for. In this release we have been focused on provide small and medium size features for 2 reasons. First of all there have been a lot of requests for those features from your side and we are always happy to address your needs for better WordPress website. We are aiming to allow every user of WPBakery Page Builder to have unlimited layout options and flexibility in terms of building your website.

Make Your Own Website Easy

Making your own website is a common case with so much platforms and tools available on the market. While top digital agencies offer costly custom solutions there are cases when you simply don’t need one. Or maybe your startup is in early stage and every dollar counts. At this point it is obvious you will start looking into ready to use solutions and free platforms like WordPress to help you make your own website easy.

WPBakery Page Builder Layer Images + Giveaways

WPBakery Page Builder page builder for WordPress is the only plugin that offers such a wide range of different addons, counting 200+ unique items. With new addons joining WPBakery Page Builder family each week we are able to offer unique page building experience where you can create any layout, fast & easy.

Better Support Portal: Licenses and Scenarios

Offering top quality support has always been one of the most important rules at WPBakery and WPBakery Page Builder. We believe that support is not only about opening support ticket, in fact this should be the last instance you refer to in case of failing to find necessary information. During years of development we managed to create a comprehensive Knowledge Base with ‘FAQ’ to help our customers handle their issues instantly. However we felt that support portal and knowledge base are apart from one another and experience collected in knowledge base is not used properly. Another concern was related to the lack of license management process which allowed customers easily manipulate with their licenses on their own. But things are about to change …

Interview with Rohan: Secrets of Great Support Manager

What it takes to be support manager for one of the best rated support at Envato and how to keep each and every customer happy? It is a tough task, but it seems that Rohan from WPBakery knows the secret. Lately we had a talk with one of our support managers, Rohan Khandeparkar, about his experience as a support manager, personal life and the secrets of being great support manager.

Advanced User Role Management in WPBakery Page Builder

Recently we published article on our blog about WordPress User Role Management explaining all the basic user roles and their main purpose. The follow up question is what WPBakery Page Builder can offer for different user groups and how features available in our page builder plugin gets managed across them. WPBakery Page Builder has inbuilt user group access management mechanism allowing to restrict usage of WPBakery Page Builder for specific user groups, including custom user roles, and post types. There was also an easy way to control WPBakery Page Builder element availability for different user roles.

5 Tips on How to Build a Better Product Page

If you are having e-commerce shop or sales page you must already know how important it is to display products in a customer friendly manner. Here we talk about quality of information, layout and use cases – everything matters. In fact it has a huge impact either potential customers will actually purchase your products.