5 Tips on How to Build a Better Product Page

If you are having e-commerce shop or sales page you must already know how important it is to display products in a customer-friendly manner. Here we talk about the quality of information, layout, and use cases – everything matters. In fact, it has a huge impact on whether potential customers will actually purchase your products.

New WPBakery Page Builder Update – Performance and Interface Release 4.7

WPBakery Page Builder release 4.7 is here to boost your content management process through huge improvements in performance, new features, and user experience (UX). During this summer release, the WPBakery team was focused on providing a release that will take page building process to the next level by offering new tools and mechanisms for even faster content management. In addition, we have done a lot of job in order to improve existing functionality in terms of both – standardization and performance which has been on our horizon for a while.

How to choose colors for a website?

Whenever you decide to create a website there are many tough things to consider and color choice is surely one of them. Color is an essential part of user experience and can lead to both – success and failure. So how do you choose colors for a website and what does it say about your business, products, and services? With tons of research done and books written on color palettes, there are essential rules that we must know and take into account.

Building Successful WordPress Portfolio That Sells

Showing off your portfolio on the web is common practice and a must if you are looking for a way to attract more customers for your products or services. Whoever you are – photographer, freelance web developer, artist, singer, or plumber your customers will surely find your site more interesting if they will be able to see your previous works.

WPBakery Page Builder for PrestaShop

WPBakery Page Builder has always been your buddy when it comes to WordPress content management. Over the years it has grown bigger and more powerful with a lot of new top-quality features and tools available out of the box to ease your life. Nevertheless, you do not always choose WordPress as your website platform and it restricts you from using WPBakery Page Builder as well. But this may soon change …

How to Act on Google Mobile Buzz?

During the last few days, the global community has been buzzing around Google paying more attention to mobile content. The resources like Smashing Magazine, Mashable, Fast Company, and so on have broadly covered this topic to shed some light. Taking into account our specific WPBakery performed a detailed investigation on how Google’s decision will impact WPBakeryWPBakery Page Builder powered WordPress sites to be able to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Long time no see – we are back with WPBakery Page Builder 4.4

It’s been one of our longest and hardest releases yet as we set goals that should have been reached a long before. As always we decided to include minor, medium, and some really big tasks in our release, but one of the tasks was completely different from the others – the rebuilding of the grid element. In this post I will describe all major and medium importance improvements that took place in this amazing release we are proud of.

WPBakery Page Builder Community and Meetup

WPBakery Page Builder has been around the market for 3+ years, during this period of time we, all together, managed to create a strong community which does share knowledge and feature requests. Because of it, WPBakery Page Builder has been on top of all its competitors and always offered users up-to-date functionality. Within those 3 years, we established the Knowledge Base, a Google group for developers, Video Academy, and a Support system. But there was a thing that we missed over the period – an offline event/meetup.

How to make WPBakery Page Builder Add-ons?

It’s been a while since WPBakery Page Builder is regularly backed up by premium class add-ons. 50+ add-ons can now be easily obtained in order to enhance your WPBakery Page Builder. While few developers have one add-on, others got themselves deep into the business of WPBakery Page Builder and are offering 5+ different add-ons and even function-rich bundles. Those add-ons are regular guests in CodeCanyon weekly item top and generate huge amounts of sales and revenue.

Online Support Mechanism Behind WPBakery

High-quality online support is one of the major factors in the decision-making process when it comes to software purchases. Premium authors treat their support as an important part of their product, so customers who do not seek to get just a bunch of files but also expect to have a mechanism that will help them to find solutions or solve issues if such arise. The support determines if the author is willing to solve problems and assist his/her customers.