Long time no see – we are back with WPBakery Page Builder 4.4

It’s been one of our longest and hardest releases yet as we set goals that should have been reached a long before. As always we decided to include minor, medium, and some really big tasks in our release, but one of the tasks was completely different from the others – the rebuilding of the grid element. In this post I will describe all major and medium importance improvements that took place in this amazing release we are proud of.

Advanced Grid

Grid is one of the most complex elements when it comes to content design and management. WPBakery Page Builder had always paid a lot of attention to grid building, but we felt that there are a lot of features we would love to offer our customers. This is why our main goal for 4.4 was to completely rebuild the grid element by adding multiple control and design options to offer tools and presets for building ultimate grid elements.

We have divided our new grid into 4 different content elements:

  • Post Grid
  • Post Masonry Grid
  • Media Grid
  • Media Masonry Grid

Each of those 4 grid elements offers well-crafted predefined grid element styles which can be easily used by simply choosing the desired layout. Taking into account the wishes of users for customization options we developed a separate Grid Element builder which allows you to quickly modify existing grid elements or create completely new elements which can be later reused in multiple grids across your WordPress site. The best thing is that Grid Builder is included in the default version of WPBakery Page Builder so you do not have to pay any additional cent to receive it.

We have talked about grid element for now, but let’s face it – the grid is not just a grid element, but tons of controls that allow quick navigation through the grid and loading options. Within the new WPBakery Page Builder grid, you can easily choose the number of elements displayed and their layout, set gaps, choose loading options and choose pagination controls depending on your overall site layout and design. Moreover – a powerful filtering system allows you quickly set specific rules for your grid display or even write custom queries.

And of course, our new grid element works perfectly with Woo Commerce too.

Woo Commerce Integration

Until today you had to rely on additional add-ons or map Woo Commerce shortcodes via our Shortcode Mapper, but not any more. Our devs have worked hard on making all Woo Commerce shortcodes available in WPBakery Page Builder element menu by default once you have both plugins installed. Now with just few clicks you are able to create your e-commerce layout without touching any line of code.

Yoast SEO

SEO has always been something you care about when thinking of website. You want to be found on the web easily and it takes a lot of effort to get your site ranked high enough on Google and other popular search engines. Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress has been a must have feature for those who wish to get maximum benefit from their SEO.
Taking this into account – starting from WPBakery Page Builder version 4.4 we have ensured that WPBakery Page Builder is fully compatible with Yoast SEO and you won’t experience any difficulties.

40+ Predefined layouts

Our research showed that you guys wanted to have a huge list of predefined layouts which you may use in order to create well structured page layout with just one click. This is why we have added 40+ more predefined layouts which covers different needs and sections of your WordPress site. Using predefined layouts is especially handy for those who do not like designing layout by themselves – all you have to do is pick layout which you like and replace information with your own content. Of course you can also modify those layouts after adding them according to your needs if necessary.

Improved and new elements

Each of our latest releases came with something new in terms of content elements and this release is not an exception. First of all I would like to point out that we have completely rebuild Toogle(FAQ) and Message Box elements by adding additional features and styles to them. Moreover we have worked hard on making their markup as good and correct as possible.

As promised – we have also worked on new element and this is something you have been waiting for so long – Icons. Now you can add fancy icons from different icon libraries and style them with ease. Add background shape and color to make them stand out and in the same time integrate well into your existing layout.

New Knowledge Base

Even this is something launched a bit earlier than WPBakery Page Builder release 4.4 it is still partly considered as something related to this update. The brand new knowledge base at kb.wpbakery.com is something developers has been waiting for a long time. Our team had worked a lot on documentation and information structure in order to minimize time necessary to understand how interact with WPBakery Page Builder and how you can benefit from our API.

And of course we have thought about our regular users as well – you can use our knowledge base as a starting point in learning on how to use WPBakery Page Builder. Even more – we have partly combined our knowledge base with Video Academy which makes it even more awesome for now on.

Button Enhancement

This is a tiny update, but you have been waiting for this so long. Starting from WPBakery Page Builder release 4.4 you can set button position to centre. At last there is an easy way to centre button 🙂 Enjoy!


As usual we would like to say thanks to you – our beloved customers who pushed us to reach those goals and also developers who spent hours and hours on testing and consulting with our team members to get most out of WPBakery Page Builder.

Raitis Sevelis is a seasoned product manager at WPBakery who loves design and community