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Verba volant, scripta manent

Literally translated, it means “spoken words fly away, written words remain” and this is something we have thought over a lot during last few month. With the tremendous growth of WPBakery Page Builder there was not all documentation available on how developers can interact with WPBakery Page Builder by using our powerful inner API and Filters.

During last month our team has collected all available and useful information around WPBakery Page Builder which can be useful to any type of user in order to offer comprehensive knowledge base where you are able to find anything you need. No more blind gaps and guesses – now everything you need to know about WPBakery Page Builder is at one place – Moreover – our team has put a lot of efforts into investigating best knowledge bases and help centers in industry plus performed own research in order to develop structure and adapt interface of our knowledge base in a way which enhance usability and readability of documentation.

What are the future plans? We have established our inner information flow according to new business process which involves documentation process into development. In such way we ensure that no information will be lost and will be regularly added to knowledge base. Moreover we have worked and will continue to work on code documentation in order to easier the process of interaction with WPBakery Page Builder for more advanced users.