Taking WPBakery Page Builder demo to the next level

Whenever purchasing digital product we want to have a test just like we do with cars, apparel and so on. When purchasing a car you have skills and drivers license to use it, but with digital products it is a bit different story. Even if they are easy to use you want to have some tips or examples on what can be achieved with this piece of software as “Take and Use” does not apply to this case. This is why we, here at WPBakery, came up with brand new WPBakery Page Builder demo that has completely different approach.

On February 6th, 2015 we have launched personalized WPBakery Page Builder demo option where each and every users gets his own copy of WordPress site powered by WPBakery Page Builder on our dedicated demo server. Now you do not have to share your demo site with other potential customers which allows you to fine-tune WPBakery Page Builder settings as you wish and see how it affects end result of WordPress site. Moreover you receive WordPress site with ready to use content and shortcodes available through WPBakery Page Builder. There is no more need to add all shortcodes one by one as they are already presented on the site and divided into logic sections. At the same time ready to use well designed sections shows exactly what can be easily achieved with WPBakery Page Builder page builder plugin. You can play around with existing layout and see how it is structured by our designers or change it according to your wishes. At the same time you can create completely blank page or post and see how easy it is to build pro looking WordPress page from scratch within just few minutes.

Such approach of WPBakery Page Builder demo not only shows capabilities of our amazing page builder plugin, but also serves as valuable one-stop resource for existing customers who can look for tips and tricks on how to make their WordPress site even better or how to use WPBakery Page Builder in a way we think of it. And the best part is that you can set up your personalized WPBakery Page Builder demo within less than a minute.

How to Access WPBakery Page Builder Demo

But enough words – it’s time to test it yourself.