Online Support Mechanism Behind WPBakery

High-quality online support is one of the major factors in the decision-making process when it comes to software purchases. Premium authors treat their support as an important part of their product, so customers who do not seek to get just a bunch of files but also expect to have a mechanism that will help them to find solutions or solve issues if such arise. The support determines if the author is willing to solve problems and assist his/her customers.

Another thing is that support can be treated as a communication channel that can be used really cleverly in order to understand the pros and cons of your product and determine trends users are seeking. Later on, you can take appropriate actions in order to improve your product and provide your customers with the functions and features they are missing or change some existing functionality in case your customers struggle with UI or something. It is clear that support is not only for customers but for authors too, even though it is one of the biggest parts of expenses for authors to maintain a support system and everything behind it.

Here at WPBakery, we treat online support for WPBakery Page Builder and other our products really seriously – from the early beginning we tried to put as much effort as possible in order to establish premium class support with friendly staff members who love to communicate and have great understanding of our customer problems and technical possibilities of WPBakery Page Builder as well.

“Our support can be proud of 1 h 46 min average initial response time.”

Another crucial point we focused on was time schedule which is equally important in comparison to the quality of support. You can have the best suggestions and solutions available and most genius support team members, but if they are not able to deliver those solutions in the shortest possible time it does not bring any value to you and your customers. Our support can be proud of 1 h 46 min average initial response time to client tickets and most of the tickets have been solved with just one answer from our team members. The key to success here is hidden in retrieving initial information from customers. It is often not enough to have just a problem description, but also step-by-step actions taken are necessary along with site credentials and technical parameters. Having such information is enough to come up with a solution in no time and our support team does not have to play ping-pong with our customers.

Hope that this small insight got you closer to our support vision and goals, and if you are a developer yourself we do hope that you share the same thoughts and follow the same path regarding support.

Raitis Sevelis is a seasoned product manager at WPBakery who loves design and community