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WPBakery Page Builder Faster Than Ever

With such a huge amount of features and options allowing you to create anything you have ever imagined, WPBakery Page Builder has constantly being improved in terms of performance. Yet we felt that it is time to take a big step towards performance improvements to offer users unique experience. WPBakery Page Builder 4.9 has been focused on significant performance improvements resulting in fastest WPBakery Page Builder ever.

Performance Improvements

WPBakery Page Builder 4.9 comes with significant improvements in terms of performance becoming faster by more than 30% depending on amount of addons you are using. Yes, the more content you have, the more addons you have, the more performance improvements you will experience. Detailed refactor allowed us to build a mechanism for introduction of smart loading mechanisms and optimize overall code to ensure it simply works faster.

β€œAt WPBakery we believe the there are two sides of coin when it comes to building WordPress page. The page builder must offer tools and interface that allow users creating content in no time. On the other hand, page builder itself must be a fast working tool and I believe this is something we have achieved within this release ” – Michael M, CEO at WPBakery

Gaps, Position and Equal Height for Columns

You love WPBakery Page Builder because of amount of features and tools that allows you creating any layout you can think of. From our side we saw a few gaps that must be filled in order to expand capabilities of WPBakery Page Builder to ensure there are truly no limits. Starting from WPBakery Page Builder 4.9 you will have an option to quickly control gaps between columns, same way you do it in grid elements ensuring there is no stacking because of adding margins.

In addition we are introducing a feature you have been requesting – equal height columns. You don’t need to play around with min-height and adjust those settings on regular basis any more. Moreover, you will be able control position of columns and content within columns by aligning them top, middle or bottom by vertical alignment. In order to get and feel everything around new row/column options we are please to offer you a quick video tutorial with narration.

Of course there are more things in WPBakery Page Builder 4.9 you will find and fell in love instantly, like new activation mechanism which don’t require dealing with API key and other data any more, everything is done automatically in order to offer best user experience.