Getting Your WordPress Site Ready for Christmas

Christmas is a perfect time when you can grow your sales and improve overall brand satisfaction. One of the obvious ways is by getting your WordPress site ready for Christmas so people can enjoy the Christmas mood and maybe receive some special offers you have in your pocket.

You will think that it can take a lot of time, but in case you are armed with a WordPress page builder, like WPBakery Page Builder, you don’t have to be worried. Remember that in most cases getting your website changed for the mood of celebration you do not have to dig into huge structural changes. In fact, few fancy images and banners with hearty greetings will do the job perfectly.

Homepage for Christmas

The first thing to work on is your homepage, this is the first page your visitors will likely see and this is the place where you can grab their attention. If you have a slideshow on your homepage where you regularly post some offers or other important information use this place by adding greetings or special Christmas offers. People love to have special offers for different celebrations and you will see how this small adjustment will make a huge impact on your visitors’ flow and sales as well. Point slideshow to your best selling product and offer some extra or discount or maybe this is an opportunity to promote completely new products.

Christmas banner versus regular banner

Christmas banner versus regular banner

In case you provide services, place a nice greeting on your slideshow with some warm welcome message which is written in the form of your industry. For example, if you have a law firm you can use some nice old Christmas law, I’m sure there are some available in different states. Such an approach will be funny and look professional at the same time showing that you and your business have the skills customers are looking for.

Overall Design and Inner Pages

Take into account that more is not always better, remember that all you want to do is freshen up your site a bit for celebration. You don’t have to overwhelm your WordPress site with images of Santa and Rudolph, but a nice background with Christmas Eve will be a great adjustment and won’t grab too much attention. In fact, even a simple free snowflake plugin you can easily find at can make the difference you are looking for.

Another good approach is looking for common elements on your site and adjusting them to your Christmas mood. Maybe you have some icons which you can easily replace or boxed content with background color you can adjust. Those small parts will make an accent you are looking for and your customers will love those tiny pieces of graphics.

It is Not Here to Stay

One important thing to remember is that Christmas doesn’t last forever so act before they get started and don’t forget to remove “celebration mode” after New Year has arrived. You don’t want your WordPress site to stay in the Christmas mood until Easter. Such inaction can show that you do not pay enough attention to your site and of course, leave a bad impression about your business as well. So stay sharp for this Christmas time and use it accordingly to benefit from it as there is still plenty of time and as we know – you can easily adjust your WordPress site in no time if sticking to the right tools.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!