Boost Your Summer With New WPBakery Page Builder 4.6

The first release of WPBakery Page Builder during the summer season comes up with new features and options that will help you come up with award-winning layout designs that sell in minutes. WPBakery Page Builder 4.6 offers well-crafted, feature-rich content elements and site block styling options according to the latest trends and practices. Completely new elements available out of the box along with improved well-known content blocks once again bring tremendous capabilities for any type of WordPress user.

Full Height Row

With Parallax background already available out of the box the next obvious step was the introduction of a full height row option allowing easily dividing your WordPress site into logic structure and focus customer attention. Such behavior makes full-height row a very demanding feature for Landing Pages and sites where business is seeking to grab user attention without giving them any chance. Another smart way of using full height row allows spreading small pieces of content across the site to either have a minimalistic design or solve the problem when there is not enough content for you to choose from.


YouTube Video Background

WPBakery Page Builder has a new fancy option that will surely make your WordPress site look trendy – the ability to add YouTube videos to row backgrounds. Taking into account high demand and many feature requests there is an easy-to-use control for adding YouTube video to any row background by simply copying/pasting links to any YouTube video. The even better news is that you can combine this option with the Parallax or Full Height options of WPBakery Page Builder.

Tabs, Tours, Accordions

With the higher expectations from our side and continues requests from our customers we concluded that previous jQuery UI-based tabs, tours, and accordions are no longer able to satisfy the needs of top page builders on both – the visual and technical side. Having this in our minds we began to work on a new complex element for a complete rebuild of tabs, tours, and accordions. The main goal was to offer our customers so necessary styling options backed up with technical features like hash navigation which allows the introduction of direct linking.

Multiple tabs, tours, and accordion styles align perfectly with other WPBakery Page Builder content elements to complete any WordPress theme and offer a wide range of styling like icons, color schemas, and so on. Such options like content part fill, gaps, and spacing allow the quickly creating of perfect elements for your site.


Representation of data as charts can significantly improve the UI/UX of your site by offering your customers an alternative and visually appealing way of viewing complex data. Properly placed charts can draw attention to the information you want to communicate most and become an important part of your site design.

With different types and data sets it is often crucial to have different chart types that suit best for this case. WPBakery Page Builder 4.6 offers 4 completely new JS-based charts that allow representing data in the doughnut, pie, line, and bar styles. While you may want to use doughnut and pie charts for simple data – some other cases may require line and bar charts so you can choose from them. And the very good news is that you can easily animate any type of chart.

Image Filters

Everyone knows how important it is to have high-quality content on your site – having bad-quality media on your site can ruin it, while good-looking images can boost your potential customers to make a purchase or get in touch with you. We all work on having beautiful images, but not all of us know Photoshop or some other complex image editing tool. Nevertheless, we all have seen how easy it is to make an average image into a pro-looking photo with Instagram. Well, now you can do the same within WPBakery Page Builder by applying carefully chosen filters to any image of your Media Library – just add an image, choose a filter, and see the result instantly. With this new feature, you will be able to add good-looking media to your WordPress site in no time and amaze your customers.


More Things to Check

In addition to large and medium size features WPBakery Page Builder got minor enhancements that you will find handy enough to give them a try. Even though the size of those features is considered small it does not mean that they are least important. One thing to mention and which was on our radar a while already – all images added to your WordPress site through WPBakery Page Builder have an ALT tag displayed in markup. Moving forward with element enhancement – our fresh baked buttons have received another additional style which allows creating your custom buttons based on the Outline style. Another good thing to mention is the ability to use theme-defined fonts in the Custom Heading element as it is not mandatory to use Google Fonts anymore.

With this release, WPBakery Page Builder is getting even closer to a full element update to offer unified standards and trendy design concepts to reveal a completely new chapter for your number one page builder.