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What Would You Do Instead of Coding

WPBakery Page Builder team is focused on building ultimate tools for people who either don’t know how or don’t want to code. Page builder has proven to be fantastic time saver letting you do many other amazing things instead of coding. Doing something you love for yourself, business, family or community.

But when it comes to WPBakery there are a lot of coding going on every day so you don’t have to do it. At the same time people behind WPBakery Page Builder have their interests besides building WPBakery Page Builder. So we asked few of our team members around office to share 3 things what would they do instead of coding in their spare time. And maybe you will find some common interests with us besides WordPress as well.

Slava, Scrum Master and Lead Developer

I love running which has been my hobby for a last couple years. Right now I’m getting prepared for my first marathon and it asks for a high discipline and self control. I have a tradition on running around different cities on my vacation like Barcelona and Paris. Running around cities lets me explore them from completely different angle and get my thoughts together.

The next one is classic literature which I see gets somehow forgotten among millennials. Everyone is focused on entrepreneurial and tech literature while classics can uncover really interesting thoughts and ideas. Currently I’m reading Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain and also looking into his other works which are tied together in a brilliant way.

The last, but not the least, is of course spending time with my son who is a big fan of Star Wars series. We can spend hours building Star Wars Lego sets together and I think he has already way more knowledge in Star Wars than I do to teach me things or two.

Raitis S, Product Manager

I have been working as UI/UX designer for a long time before becoming product manager and both of these positions is something that I have always dreamed for. Of course I do UI/UX at WPBakery Page Builder as well, but at the same time I often find myself at home working with Photoshop to come up with something interesting.

Cooking is on my hobbies list as well, yet I don’t like to do it alone. We usually tend to create something new together with my wife to surprise other family members or guests. I really love Thai cuisine with Tom Yum Goong on my favourites list, guess it comes from the fact that I had many unforgettable trips to Thailand and this allows me to remember them.

Also boxing is one of my favourite things, both taking classes and following. This is a great sport which requires discipline and high concentration. I usually attend boxing classes twice per week and it really helps me restart so I can get back to work with clear mind.

Raitis G, Backend Developer

Walking is one of my favourite things and I’m talking about really huge walks which takes days and weeks. Taking on such routes completely clears your mind and I feel like I’m the part of nature. I’m close to making my girlfriend also love walking to have a new companion during my long trips.

Remark from author: Raitis G has taken pilgrimage route of Camino de Santiago which is close to 800 km long starting from France and covering Spain.

Walking around also comes together with my next hobby – photography. I love taking pictures of wild nature and trust me there are so many beautiful and peaceful places on our planet which must be “set into frame”.

While I’m not coding or walking around I drink tea which is not just a drink but a whole process. There are rich tea preparation traditions and drinking process which I love to discover and follow with Pu-erh tea on my favourites list.

What Do You Love?

Now you know what we are doing in our spare time, but what about you? Feel free to share your hobbies and interests in comments as we would really love to hear what our huge community is up to. And maybe some day we could do it all together.