A Comparison of WPBakery AI With Leading AI Tools in WordPress

Are you looking for a powerful and affordable AI tool for making WordPress websites? Then you’re in the right place. WPBakery AI, built right into the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, is probably the best AI tool for WordPress when it comes to value for your money. To prove this, we’ll compare it to other popular AI tools to show you how WPBakery AI can make your WordPress experience better, without breaking the bank.

Feature Comparison Overview

To simplify your decision-making process, we’ve compared WPBakery AI with other leading AI tools – Elementor AI, Divi AI, Jetpack AI, Jasper AI, and Bertha AI. Let’s get straight into the comparison table.

  WPBakery AI Elementor AI Divi AI Jetpack AI Jasper AI Bertha AI
Short-form content Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Long-form content Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom CSS Yes Yes Yes No No No
Custom JS Yes Yes Yes No No No
SEO features Yes No No No Yes Integrates with Yoast SEO
Supported Languages 100+ 25 26 12 30+ 20+
Image generation No Yes Yes No Yes No
Tones of voice 77 18 10+ 5+ Based on user input Based on user input
Usage limit 20,000 credits/month Starting from 24,000 credits/year Unlimited 100 requests/month Unlimited 1,000,000 words/month
Price Free for WPBakery users with a license and active support Starting from €35.88/year Starting from $138.24/year Starting from $100/year Starting from $468/year Starting from $200/year

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A Closer Look at WPBakery AI vs. Competitors

After reviewing the table, you might be intrigued to learn more about each tool’s capabilities. So, let’s first understand the main differences between these tools.

  • WPBakery AI – Integrated into the WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress, WPBakery AI allows users to generate new and improve existing text, generate custom code, and translate website content into over 100 languages.
  • Elementor AI – Elementor is a website builder for WordPress that has integrated AI capabilities that allow you to generate container layouts, images, text, and code.
  • Divi AI – Divi AI is an AI tool integrated within the Divi builder plugin for WordPress. It allows you to generate content, create new and refine existing images, and give you AI suggestions to improve your content.
  • Jetpack AI – Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that incorporates AI features to assist website owners in generating new and improving existing content, translating it, and more, within the WordPress block editor.
  • Jasper AI – Formerly known as Jarvis AI, Jasper AI is a standalone AI copywriting tool that allows individuals to generate content using different content templates, like content improver, text summarizer, sentence expander, and many more. More recently, it has also introduced an AI image generator called Jasper Art.
  • Bertha AI – Bertha AI is an AI assistant plugin for WordPress that helps you generate website content, product descriptions, and social media captions. It also works with any theme and page builder.

Now that we’re familiar with each of the AI tools in this comparison, and their capabilities, let’s have a closer look at how WPBakery AI compares to them in terms of features and benefits.

Integration with WordPress

Unlike some AI tools (e.g. Jasper) that don’t integrate directly with WordPress, WPBakery combines page-building and AI assistance in one convenient place – the familiar interface you already know and love, inside your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

This means you can build your WordPress pages and posts using the built-in elements, templates, and customization options. Plus, you can speed up the website development process with AI capabilities. Whether you need to generate or improve text, add custom styling or functionalities to elements with custom code, or automate translations, WPBakery AI has got you covered, all without the hassle of switching between platforms.

Textual Content Creation

Many AI tools on our list offer only a limited range of tones of voice, or they require you to define it yourself. For example, while competitors like Jasper AI and Bertha AI allow you to input your own tone of voice, such as that of a popular TV personality, WPBakery AI takes a different approach.

We believe in saving you time and preventing decision fatigue. That’s why WPBakery AI comes with a whopping 77 pre-defined tones of voice for you to choose from. Whether you’re working on a new copy or improving existing content, we’ve made the choice simpler for you.


Want to ensure your website is accessible to everyone? Then it needs to be multilingual. Traditionally, this meant hiring expensive translators, but not anymore. With WPBakery AI you can translate your website content into over 100 languages. That’s almost triple the amount of most AI tools on our list, which support only up to 30 languages.

Plus, with WPBakery AI you can not only translate the website content into various languages but also write the prompts themselves in any of the supported languages, making the website development process an ease.

Custom Code

Just like Elementor AI and Divi AI, WPBakery AI allows you to generate custom CSS and JS code based on your specific requirements. Plus you can easily create custom code using AI and apply it site-wide or to individual pages and posts.

Whether you want to enhance your website with cool CSS effects or implement additional functionalities, WPBakery AI simplifies coding tasks, making it easier for you to achieve your desired results without requiring coding knowledge.

AI Image Generation

While WPBakery AI has its advantages in certain areas, it’s worth mentioning that competitors like Elementor AI, Divi AI, and Jasper AI offer advanced features such as AI image generation, a feature not yet available in WPBakery AI with plans to be delivered in the future.

AI-generated art allows users to create images for a variety of purposes on their website, including backgrounds and accent images, without the need for manual image editing or graphic design skills. However, it is also important to consider the pros and cons of AI-generated art before using it.

AI Assistance in Search Engine Optimization

Want to get more people to visit your website? Then you need to show up on search engines. With WPBakery, you not only get a built-in SEO tool to improve your website’s ranking but also personalized suggestions on what to improve for better results. Plus, WPBakery AI helps you write SEO-friendly titles, descriptions, and engaging social sharing snippets, to get your website noticed.

If you’re using page builders, these are some basic functionalities that should already be included. With tools like Elementor and Divi, these features are missing. This means you’d have to install additional plugins, which could slow down your website and add extra costs to your website development budget. Plus, not all SEO plugins in WordPress have AI capabilities integrated.

Value for Your Money

While some of the other tools offer limited free trial credits to test out their features, WPBakery AI is the only AI tool on this list that doesn’t require a costly subscription to use. In fact, all WPBakery users with a license and active support period get a generous amount of 20,000 AI credits per license, to use each month for free. WPBakery AI comes included with all WPBakery Page Builder lifetime license plans:

  • Single Site – $69/lifetime for 1 website (20,000 AI credits per month)
  • 5 Sites – $256/lifetime for 5 websites (100,000 AI credits per month)
  • 10 Sites – $499/lifetime for 10 websites (200,000 AI credits per month)

After the first year, users only need to renew support ($49/year) to continue using WPBakery AI, making it one of, if not the most cost-effective solutions for businesses and individuals seeking AI assistance in building their WordPress websites.

Is WPBakery AI Right For You?

Considering these advantages, it’s worth noting that while competitors may shine in certain aspects, WPBakery AI stands out as the top choice due to its seamless integration with WPBakery Page Builder and cost-effectiveness.

So, if you’re a WordPress user looking for a way to effortlessly build your website, create content, streamline coding, and automate translations, all within one intuitive interface, WPBakery might just be the perfect fit for you.

And who knows? With WPBakery’s commitment to innovation, future updates might even include advanced features like AI image generation, further enhancing your page-building experience.

Start today and enjoy 20,000 monthly AI credits for free during the first year with every WPBakery Page Builder license.

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