When performance and code matters

WPBakery Page Builder has been top WordPress product for 3 years and remains a must have tool for any WordPress site online. It was partly possible because of regular improvements which allowed our customers to introduce new features on their websites with each new release. With the years passed and releases booming we saw that WPBakery Page Builder is getting bigger and bigger, so we decided to implement, nowadays, popular practice by making core of the plugin more flexible and remove some unnecessary parts of code which could be replaced by new modern methods and approaches.

WordPress Plugin Development Future

In the last few weeks I have received a bunch of questions related to the future of WordPress and WordPress plugins in particular. The main question was how I see the future of WordPress plugin development and market, and if there is any specific niche for talented developers to fill up.

WordPress Themes and WPBakery Page Builder

Every good WordPress themes authors are always thinking on how to improve their themes in order to raise customer satisfaction rate and of course sales. Multiple design options, huge amount of different sections and promotion materials helps achieve goals set. Nevertheless if we take a look on elite authors from ThemeForest we see that they are likely to include 3rd party plugins as a part of their themes in order to offer their customers wide range of capabilities and customization options.

Online Identity Management with WordPress

We are used to the fact that almost all organizations has introduced their own brandbooks in order to manage identity and it’s related activities. Actually brandbook helps to categorize actions that must be applied in a certain cases, so the brand owners have a quick ‘guide’ on how to present, react and display certain content or events. Even brandbook often contains descriptions about companies online assets it is usually restricted to simple color scheme and fonts usage. This is why in a recent period of time we have often heard about introduction of brandbooks specially for online media. Such ‘guides’ help to build and manage your online content and activities based not only on your brand principles, but also usability of online media and best practice scenarios.

Moving To WordPress Frontend Editor from Backend

If you are involved into WordPress web development or content management then you probably have already experienced the tremendous growth in talks about taking web content management and page building to front end. Such approach seems to be quite logic, especially if we are talking about lowering the barrier for people without deep IT and WordPress knowledge to work with web content. Almost every developer has experienced the problems of explaining content management process on WordPress back end to their customers. Even more important – front end editor offer amazing capability to track changes on the go without switching different modes and layouts.

Choosing WordPress for Business

When thinking about development of website for your company or personal use there are plenty of options in terms of choosing custom or “out of the box” solutions. None can tell you which approach or technology is perfect for reaching of your goals, nevertheless there are crucial factors that you must take into consideration and evaluate them. Market share of chosen software, scalability, security, seo are just few of those key factors that must drag your attention and serve as a measurements in your decision-making process. But we can assure you that WordPress for business is a perfect choice.