We support the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018, and ensure all our services comply with its provisions.

We are fully committed to our users’ rights to privacy and personal data protection. As an EU resident, you have the rights to control information related to your personal data as follows:

  • Understand what information we do collect;
  • Request retrieval of your personal data;
  • Request removal of your personal data.

What Information We Collect

As a part of our services, we collect certain personal information and use 3rd party services (which are GDPR compliant) for the following purposes.

Data/Source Purpose
Email Used as a unique identifier of the user (username) and the only communication channel between the resource and the user.
First name Used to identify a user and create an invoice.
Last name Used to identify a user and create an invoice.
Nickname Identification of the user for authorization.
Company  The legal entity of the user (if any) used as a proof for VAT-related calculations and invoice creation. Required by legal authorities.
Billing address Used to create invoices. Required by legal authorities.
Payment method Payment method specified by the user.
Billing date Purchase date for invoice creation. Required by legal authorities.
Product Products’ identifier that has been bought by the user.
Comments Ser user permission to create comments on the published content.
Posts Set user permission to create/manage posts on the side of the resource.
Google Tag Manager Third party service to track activities of the user on the resource. Used for aggregated statistics to improve user experience on the resource. (Google Tag Manager is GDPR compliant)
Google Adwords Third party service for managing advertisement activities related to the resource via Google Ads Network. (Google Adwords is GDPR compliant)
Active Campaign A third party service used to store data about users and send newsletter (Active Campaign is GDPR compliant)
Braintree Third party service for payment handle. (Braintree is GDPR compliant)
VAT number Used to create invoices. Required by legal authorities. Not required if the user is not a legal entity.
Gravatar Third party service to link the user with the profile image service – Gravatar. (Gravatar is GDPR compliant)

How to Retrieve Personal Data

You have rights to retrieve your personal data any time and request removal of the data. Be aware, we do not store copies of your personal data – removal of your personal data will result in complete data loss without revert option.