Composium – WPBakery Page Builder Extensions

“Composium – WPBakery Page Builder Extensions” is the ultimate addition to the already awesome WPBakery Page Builder plugin. It will add 90+ new content elements to the default set, a built-in premium lightbox solution, an Icon Fonts Manager, custom post types and much more.

List of features

  • Built-in premium lightbox solution
  • 16 built-in icon fonts with 4,600+ icons
  • Option to upload custom icon font
  • Google Fonts Manager with 700+ fonts
  • 70+ CSS3 animations
  • Extended row and column options (backgrounds + animations)
  • 90+ premium elements (video, audio, image, Google, buttons, titles, counters, modals, sliders, timelines …)
  • Custom post types for some elements
  • Widget builder to use WPBakery Page Builder in any sidebar
  • Single-Page Navigator builder
  • Modular design to easily disable any unwanted features
  • Smart file management (will only load CSS/JS file when actually needed)
  • … and much more!

Most Popular Elements

  • Image galleries
  • Image manipulations (Adipoli effects, magnifier, switch effects, Picstrips effects, Caman effects)
  • Image with text overlays and advanced transition effects
  • Icon + flip boxes
  • YouTube / Vimeo / Dailymotion / HTML5 videos
  • Timelines + processes
  • Google Maps (multiple markers, overlays, clusterer)
  • Icon counters + countdowns
  • SlitSlider + iPresenter