Expanding borders of WPBakery Page Builder plugin for WordPress

It is been a while since we decided to focus on attracting 3rd party developers and users to engage in expanding of capabilities of WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress and it has brought us really great results so far.

Improvements in WPBakery Page Builder API and closer collaboration with 3rd party developers through developers groups lead us to new amazing add-ons to see light and more to come in the nearest future. At the moment there are 250+ premium add-ons available on the CodeCanyon to expand the capabilities of WPBakery Page Builder.

Another big thing was a shortcode mapper, which allows average users to quickly add existing shortcodes to use them within WPBakery Page Builder. Such an approach has lowered the gap between different plugins for WordPress and led to our goal of making WPBakery Page Builder a must-have platform for users who want easily manage their WordPress content by using simple and flexible tools.

A lot of developers who are now working on their themes or plugins take it as granted to test their products for compatibility with WPBakery Page Builder. Research shows that this amazing trend is actually dictated by the huge number of their and our loyal customers who are looking only for WPBakery Page Builder compatible products. For developers, it takes a little additional effort to ensure compatibility as we are always working towards support of native WordPress development standards which makes WPBakery Page Builder easy to understand and adapt to.

What is next on our to-do list? This is of course a question to discuss as we are constantly looking at what our customers demand. Nevertheless, we already see that the improvement of flexibility of WPBakery Page Builder is something our customers appreciate a lot and it is definitely one of the big directions to work on.