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WPBakery Page Builder passed 20 000 sales milestone on CodeCanyon

On march 18, 2014 WPBakery Page Builder passed 20 000 sales milestone on CodeCanyon. First of all we would like to thank all of our customers and supporters who trusted in our product and helped us to make it better and better with each new release.

During this period we have management to come up with 76 updates which resulted in adding a lot new amazing features, including latest WPBakery Page Builder Frontend Drag and Drop editor. And there are a lot more features to come in the nearest future as we are not stopping on this milestone and already has set ambitious plans for the future.

If we take a look on success of WPBakery Page Builder during this period it is important to mention that at the moment when I am writing this post there are approximately 65 000 websites online around the world which include WPBakery Page Builder within their WordPress admin panels. Moreover, there are 300+ premium WordPress themes on ThemeForest which include WPBakery Page Builder in their package. This indicates level of trust we receive not only from website owners, but also high class developers who understood the possibilities of WPBakery Page Builder and the fact that it can rise their theme quality and of course sales.

We have even more interesting data to share, so in order to celebrate this milestone we have created small infographic which shows different data about our activities and events during this period which we are sure made influence for reaching this goal.

At conclusion we would like once again thank you and hope that you enjoyed using WPBakery Page Builder so far, but remember these are just few first steps of the marathon we are up to.