Effective Content Management with Templates

Reuse of the content is the heart of content management strategy. Such an approach reduces the time and effort spent on managing your website. You don’t have to spend hours and hours making fundamental changes within different sections of your website or thinking about how to stick your content to the website and brand guidelines on each page. Depending on the different goals of what you, as a website owner, want to achieve it is possible to choose one of two basic techniques offered by WPBakery Page Builder and premium addon Templatera for working with reusable content parts aka templates.

The first approach to working with templates allows you to develop standardized blocks of structure in order to quickly integrate them within a necessary page or post and then make adjustments that will affect only this page or post. By doing so you are able to reduce time spent on the development of the initial structure in case of reuse it for different types of content.

For example, you have decided to use 3 column structure with images and texts within different parts of your website, nevertheless, each of the parts must have different content. All you have to do is just create an initial structure of 3 columns, image blocks, and texts as a template. After that, you are able to load your templates via WPBakery Page Builder Template Manager into an exact page or post and make necessary changes without affecting the basic structure of a template. In the same manner, you can add your template to the different sections of your website and again make necessary changes that will affect only this page.

The second approach allows you to manage similar content parts of your website in one place instead of changing content blocks across all pages or posts. You can edit necessary parts of your website within a template management section and see how these changes take place in all parts of your website where a particular template appears.

For example, you want to have a list of partners on all pages of your website. Instead of making structure for each of the pages separately, which is annoying and time-consuming, you can easily use the premium addon Templatera. All you have to do is create a template for the display of your partners. Then use Add Element/Templatera Block in order to add your newly created template to all necessary pages of your website. As you will not be able to change the content of the template directly through the pages where it appears, use Templatera in order to manage your template and see how it automatically changes on all of your pages.