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Choosing WordPress for Business

When thinking about development of website for your company or personal use there are plenty of options in terms of choosing custom or “out of the box” solutions. None can tell you which approach or technology is perfect for reaching of your goals, nevertheless there are crucial factors that you must take into consideration and evaluate them. Market share of chosen software, scalability, security, seo are just few of those key factors that must drag your attention and serve as a measurements in your decision-making process. But we can assure you that WordPress for business is a perfect choice.

While custom solutions can be closely adapted to your needs you should take into account that such approach also puts restrictions in terms of adaptability, scalability and integrity of your IT infrastructure. Moreover, features and capabilities of custom solutions are often far away from what you expect and would receive from applying “out of the box” solutions which is very logical, as you can not expect from your custom solution to compete with wide range products which has been developed for several years and often supported by huge number of independent third party vendors.

WordPress for business?

One of the most powerful “out of the box” solutions nowadays for website development is WordPress which has grown in a recent years from simple blog engine to functionally rich platform for development and management of various types of website. If we measure quality and usability of “out of the box” solutions by their popularity and usage WordPress is definitely leader in this top:

According to the latest data, 60% of all “out of the box” solutions with Content Management Systems relies on WordPress which results in 20% of all websites found on the Internet.

Such numbers looks to good to be true, but let’s look on WordPress from different perspective to see if it’s really as good as told.

Open Source Software

First of all, as an open source solutions it is free to download and use. Moreover, it experiences tremendous growth and constant improvements thanks to powerful community which also helped to develop well structured documentation and Help.

Easy To Set Up

WordPress is famous for its 5 minutes install process – you don’t have to spend plenty of time setting up different configurations or writing tons of commands on server command line. Another important aspect is that most of the hosting companies offer already set up WordPress versions on their servers.


When thinking about “out of the box” solutions people often think about restrictions in terms of design and user interface. This is not a case in WordPress – you can easily obtain different highly customizable free or paid themes from markets like and use them within a couple of minutes. In case you don’t want to use any regular themes you can develop your own theme.


In order to support wide range of capabilities WordPress offers development of third party plugins which can be integrated in your WordPress site and expand capabilities or functions. You can develop such plugins by yourself or rely on free or paid third party plugins. In order to obtain premium quality plugins like WPBakery Page Builder you can visit such marketplaces as By using such approach you can easily scale your WordPress site in order to fit different levels of needs.


SEO nowadays is something every site owner is concerned about. No worries, WordPress is very SEO friendly which results in guaranteed high ranking on different search engines (Of course don’t forget about quality content). And of course with different SEO plugins available on the market you can easily improve your ranking even more.

Easy Content Management

Content management is often one of the biggest problems we face when we are talking about support of the website. Especially if you are small company or startup you don’t want to spend your budget on constant content management which is a must, so you should consider solutions which allows you to reach same results with less efforts. Content management in WordPress is very intuitive and easy and will save your time, so you can spend it on reaching your main business goals. And of course, you can expand capabilities of WordPress content management by introduction of such drag and drop page builder plugins like  WPBakery Page Builder in order to lower time spent on content management even more.

These were just a few crucial factors which you can take into consideration if you have decided to use WordPress as your site engine or struggling upon which engine to choose.