WordPress Themes and WPBakery Page Builder

Every good WordPress themes authors are always thinking about how to improve their themes in order to raise customer satisfaction rate and of course sales. Multiple design options, a huge amount of different sections, and promotion materials help achieve the goals set. Nevertheless, if we take a look at elite authors from ThemeForest we see that they are likely to include 3rd party plugins as a part of their themes in order to offer their customers a wide range of capabilities and customization options.

In a recent period of time, WPBakery Page Builder has proven to be one of the top plugins to include in your WordPress theme. According to the data presented in our recent milestone infographic at the moment of this post, there are 300+ themes on ThemeForest containing WPBakery Page Builder. Moreover, a lot of premium class authors use WPBakery Page Builder in more than one of their themes.

Why is it so? In fact, AJ Clarke from WPExplorer answered this question in our previous blog post on March 26, 2014.

“Adding the WPBakery Page Builder to my more advanced and newer themes has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. Sales and five star ratings have increased while support questions has decreased. In fact a lot of customers I’ve spoken to tell me that they only look for themes that are WPBakery Page Builder compatible.”

– AJ Clarke –

Moreover, AJ Clarke points out that with the help of WPBakery Page Builder, he is able to create more layouts which result in higher customization levels of themes and of course sales. You do not need a huge team in order to build really advanced theme that can become the next Boom! on the market.

Licensing terms

Very often we receive questions about the license type theme authors need to buy for using WPBakery Page Builder. In order to use WPBakery Page Builder in your theme you need to buy an extended license, which allows you to include WPBakery Page Builder in one WordPress theme. In other words, if you have 3 different WordPress themes on ThemeForest you will need to have 3 extended licenses – one per each theme you have.

In order to get more information on how to use WPBakery Page Builder in your theme please visit our knowledge base.