How to quickly build WordPress page with WPBakery Page Builder

Ever wondered how to quickly build a WordPress page that is professional and good-looking in a few minutes? Of course yes! You do not want to spend tons of time and a bunch of money for at least a few month project which can not guarantee any results, instead, you want to build a WordPress page fast and modify it as and when you wish quickly in order to adapt it to the latest design trends and your user behaviors.

We have created a small video tutorial that will guide you through a simple example of how to create a page for your website in less than 10 minutes with WPBakery Page Builder for WordPress. In the video, you will see the fundamentals of using WPBakery Page Builder Frontend editor and methods on how to achieve specific parts of the layout like the feature grid and page cover image. Plus, you will see how to use our latest feature ‘Design Option Box’ which significantly improves the margin, border, and padding control of your website.

Just like in any TV cooking show – there are a few things you need to have to be ready before starting:

Hope you enjoyed our small tutorial and received some valuable takeaways for your future or existing WordPress site.

Raitis Sevelis is a seasoned product manager at WPBakery who loves design and community