Making your life better with ready to use templates

WPBakery Page Builder is an amazing time saver and easy-to-use tool to build your WordPress pages. But we think that saving time is not just enough for you and your clients. While some people had the opportunity to craft their creative and design skills, others focused on business, engineering, etc., but this does not mean that they do not want super cool layouts, even if they are not able to figure them out.

How should news or product pages look from the perspective of the initial structure? Where should you place element blocks in order to offer your customers excellent UX(User experience)? Well, we do have an answer for you that you will surely love! WPBakery Page Builder offers pre-defined templates/layouts that allow you to create an initial layout with just one click.

Ok, so you wonder how does it work? There are ready-to-use layouts available when you start building your blank page where you can choose the one which fits your needs. These layouts are created and carefully crafted by our team members who have taken into account the high demand of yours. Moreover, each layout is really flexible and fits different business types and goals. Once you have chosen the layout of yours all you need to do is just replace images, text, or any other elements presented in the current layout with your own by simply editing them. Your elements and text will fit just perfectly into any of these layouts and you are good to publish your page.

Attention: Spoiler alert 🙂

At the moment there are few layouts available and a lot more are already in the production stage. Soon enough WPBakery Page Builder will offer 40+ pre-defined layouts to choose from. And of course, for our beloved developers, we do offer to extend and replace options of pre-defined layouts with your own templates in order to make the life of your customers even easier.

We believe that pre-defined layout is another breakthrough in the field of WordPress page builders and you will enjoy this feature of WPBakery Page Builder a lot.